Monday, July 16, 2012

Pleased to meet you!

SCIENCE ON TAP is a new type of seminar series!  
A time to eat, drink, & talk about science!

This event will be held at 5:30 at Cosmo Tapas Restaurant every first Thursday of the month August - November and February - May. Cosmo Tapas Restaurant is located at 4200 Central Avenue SE. The program begins with a 30-minute presentation by a featured speaker, followed by a 30 minutes discussion session for attendees to ask questions.

The UNM Nanoscience and Microsystems (NSMS) and the Chemical and Nuclear Engineering (ChNE) departments have partnered with and Cosmos Tapas Restaurant in Nob Hill and the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History to present this innovative lecture series. The goals of “Science on Tap” are to bring science to the public, to increase public awareness and pride in the research accomplishmentsof area scientists, and to provide area science enthusiasts a fun and unique venue for meeting and interacting with one another. 

Invited speakers will lead discussions about wide-ranging topics such as nanotechnology, environmental science, biomedicine, and technological breakthroughs. Cosmos Tapas will also offer Marble beer drink specials as well as unique tapas to compliment lecture topics.

The schedule for speakers is;

August 2nd - Amber McBride
September 6th - Dr Ashwani Rajput
October 4th - Dr Heather Canavan
November 1st - Dr Bruce Thomson

You can contact any of the organizers by emailing  You can also contact any of the specific event organizers directly for more information.  The contact information is as follows;
National Museum of Nuclear Science & History - - (505) 245-2137

Cosmo Tapas Restaurant - - (505) 232-0535

Nanoscience and Microsystems @ UNM - - (505) 277-6824
Chemical and Nuclear Engineering @ UNM - - (505) 277-2225 

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