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Biomimicry on the Molecular Scale

Nesia Zurek, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
 Center for Biomedical Engineering
University of New Mexico

Biomimicry on the molecular scale is the study and reproduction of the natural environment, surfaces, and chemical reactions that happen on the surface or inside of the cell. Biomimetic systems are successfully used to improve healthcare. A big part of the mission of improving healthcare is the discovery of new drugs and vaccines that can treat illness. Most current drugs target proteins that are part of the outer most surface of the cell called the plasma membrane. Reproducing the natural environment of the plasma membrane to screen for drugs in a high-throughput system is an example of how we use biomimicry in the lab. Using high-throughput biomimetic systems in the process of developing novel drugs for targeted diseases such as Botulism and cancer, reduces time and money, and quickly delivers the drug to the market.