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CRISPR: The Better Chopper Upper.  From Ancient Antiviral Accessory to Genetics Gamechanger

Stephen Jett, PhD
Director, HSC Electron Microscopy Facility
Research Assistant Professor: Cell Biology and Physiology
University of New Mexico

Everywhere on earth that cellular organisms reside, from ocean bottoms to Yellowstone hot springs to high in the Troposphere, there are viruses that infect them. Viral attacks kill host cells, causing billions of dollars in health costs, agricultural losses, etc. Bacteria protect themselves using several antiviral mechanisms, including CRISPR/Cas. CRISPR/Cas is a virus checker billions of years older than all software versions, and provides a primitive form of acquired immunity. The heart of the system is a protein/RNA machine that recognizes and digests foreign nucleic acids.  CRISPR remembers old foes and incorporates information about new threats, forming a sort of molecular socket set.  The system’s flexibility makes it an attractive tool for DNA modification in many different organisms, igniting a new wave in genetic engineering.

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